xRaise: Raising The Standards of Web3 Gaming UX

6 min readAug 15, 2023

The digital realm has always been a space of innovation, exploration, and evolution. From web1 to web3, we’ve seen a continuous drive to redefine the boundaries of what’s possible.

One such frontier is the intersection of gaming and Web3.

Why Games Need Web3

At its core, gaming is more than pixels on a screen. It’s an experience, a journey, and for many, a significant investment of time and effort. Casual or professional players invest a lot of time, creativity, and skill into progressing in these virtual worlds.

Yet, this dedication is often overlooked and unrewarded.

Web3 gaming aimed to fix this.

Imagine a world where a player’s achievement, be it conquering a challenging level or mastering a complex strategy, is not just a badge on their profile, but a way to add tangible, tradable value to their assets.

By tokenising game currencies and making game economies more open, players have more ownership over their digital assets that they spent so much efforts accumulating.

Now with web3, we’re not just acknowledging a player’s skill but also providing them with a means to monetise their gaming expertise.

The Ease of Web3 Integration

The benefits are plenty, but web3 game development, especially the backend, has been a complex task.

From ensuring security against attacks and smart contract exploits, to managing user data and inventories, developers often find themselves dealing with logistical and infrastructure challenges, which pulls them away from their primary goal: creating an engaging gameplay experience.

Many studios make these common mistakes while building on-chain games:

  • Building surface-level games by focusing on short-term engagement hacks like token drops and staking
  • Overpromising and then ending up underdelivering on their claims (example: “we will build a AAA game on-chain”)
  • Unsustainable game economy which makes the game die off after the initial speculative demand for the token

We recognised these pressing problems, and are excited to announce the xRaise Wallet and SDK.

This will be our first launch as a part of our pivot to building for the blockchain gaming space.

By leveraging our wallet and SDK, developers can bypass many of these challenges, focusing instead on refining gameplay and balance.

The xRaise SDK allows easy integration of features like loot box drops, in-game subscriptions, and even player-to-player transactions.

We’re also building foundational infrastructure for games to build better and more sustainable game mechanics (example: token sinks that feel less like sinks and more like game features).

xRaise Wallet: dApps x Games

The synergy between dApps + games and wallets is pivotal. As we’ve seen with the evolution of the internet, the user experience can make or break a technology’s adoption.

Most mainstream wallets today offer a rather rudimentary interaction with dApps. It’s a bit like using a smartphone that only lets you make calls and send texts.

Functional? Yes. Revolutionary? Far from it.

But just as smartphones evolved to become indispensable life tools, there’s a pressing need for wallets to offer more intricate, user-friendly interactions with dApps. Web3 games need to be more accessible.

The xRaise wallet exemplifies this principle. By offering easy onboarding through familiar methods like email or social logins, we bridge the gap between traditional gamers and the world of crypto.

The emphasis on low transaction costs, security, and features like subscriptions and sessions ensures that players can immerse themselves in the game without worrying about the complexities of seed phrases, private keys, and a confusing UI — like seen on MetaMask.

Here’s a closer look at what sets xRaise apart:

  • Social Login: Easily sign up and have your on-chain account deployed exactly like you’d have an account created on a web2 game — via your Google account or email address. Verify your email with an OTP, and you’re good to go.
  • Batched Transactions: In the typical Web3 transaction process, certain actions, though they seem like one step, actually require multiple transactions. Think of it as having to swipe your card twice for a single purchase. xRaise streamlines this by introducing batched transactions, unifying multiple txns for one action into one txn.
  • Session Creation: Imagine having to log in every time you wanted to like a tweet or post a photo. Tedious, right? xRaise recognises this pain point in the Web3 space. By allowing dApps to initiate session creations, users can sign once, and play the game free from constant interruptions.
  • Subscriptions and Payments: Subscriptions are very common in web2, but barely found in web3. As traditional games like Fortnite and PUBG move towards a subscription model, it is time that web3 games also did this. With xRaise Subscriptions, dApps can offer subscriptions straight through the wallet, making it easy for players to pay and manage their subscriptions
  • Gas Abstraction and On-ramp: xRaise also offers the ability to pay fees in any supported token, and we are in the process of integrating on-ramp partners to make each purchase just a card txn away for players.
  • Social Recovery: Players are used to emails and OTPs, not seed phrases and private keys. Players can easily recover their accounts via the registered email address. Additionally, since xRaise is built on the ERC-4337 standard, it supports multi-sig account recovery. Your friends can not just play with you, but can also help you recover your account!

In fact, our wallet is currently LIVE on testnet — and we’ve built an accompanying game to show-off our capabilities. You can check it out at: https://testnet.xraise.io/playground/alchemistry

The Bottom Line

Web3 gaming represents a paradigm shift, but its mainstream success hinges on the user experience.

We at xRaise understand this, and are hence building not just as another wallet but as a pioneer in the game/dApp-wallet ecosystem.

As the decentralised web continues to grow, we want to help bridge the gap between hardcore crypto enthusiasts and everyday users.

It’s not just about making blockchain more accessible; it’s about making it indispensable for web3 games and the wider dApp ecosystem.

Learn More About xRaise on:

website: https://www.xraise.io/

docs: https://docs.xraise.io/

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