Tutorial: Claiming your Alchemistry $USDC rewards

3 min readOct 2, 2023


Hello gamers, so glad to be speaking to you again!

We’re excited to announce the end of our Alchemistry Playtesting campaign, and it’s now time to rewards our top 3 wallets for the same.

Follow the below steps to register for the claim.

Note: The reward claim is only for the top 3 wallets on the leaderboard.

Steps to claim your $USDC reward

1. Confirm if you are in the Top 3

  • Confirm that your wallet address is in the top 3 of this list. Yay!

2. Select the Claim Season 1 Rewards button

  • If you’re the top 3 in the leaderboard, you’ll get a pop-up like the one shown below. Enter your Ethereum mainnet wallet address (we will send your rewards to this address) and the email you used to sign up for the wallet.
  • Wait for 24–48 hours for our team to verify your details.

And, that’s it!

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