Launching $RAISE: The IDO

3 min readJun 18, 2024


After two years of hard work, rigorous security audits, and the successful launch of the xRaise mobile wallet app on the zkSync Era mainnet, we’re thrilled to announce the upcoming $RAISE IDO.

The purpose of the IDO is simply to gain liquidity for the token.

Introduction to xRaise

xRaise is a smart contract wallet and a suite of plug-in gaming SDKs designed for dApps and games. Powered by zkSync, it leverages zkSync’s native Account Abstraction features such as Transaction Batching, Session Keys, Paymasters, Social Recovery, Subscriptions, and more to elevate the user experience. Additionally, the integration of the xRaise wallet with Passkey ensures passwordless and secure authentication, providing an even smoother user experience.

xRaise transcends typical smart contract wallets by integrating zkSync’s top-tier account abstraction technology, bolstered by unrivalled user-centric optimizations. With features like batching, sessions, social recovery, on-chain subscriptions, and paymasters, alongside a Gaming SDK, xRaise offers a user experience akin to web2 — eliminating repeated transaction signings, simplifying account recovery, enabling on-chain subscriptions, and reducing gas fees. This delivers a truly revolutionary experience for users. Additionally, we are planning to integrate advanced third-party DeFi features such as in-app messaging, bridging, swapping, and more.

IDO details

After careful consideration on ensuring a fair launch, we have finalized the following terms:

When: June 26, 2024 at 2:00 PM UTC

Until: June 29, 2024 at 2:00 PM UTC

Chain: zkSync Era


  2. (Please note that Trustpad users must stake or farm $TPAD tokens to access the xRaise IDO & additional terms will be announced by the Trustpad team.)

Accepted payment: $USDC, $USDT, $ETH

Price: $0.015 per $RAISE

Allocation: 80,000,000 $RAISE (8% of total supply)

Total max supply: 1 000,000,000 $RAISE

Hardcap: ~350 ETH or (1.2m in USDC/USDT)

Vesting: none, 100% unlocked

Listing: The liquidity pool will go live on Syncswap starting July 1, 2024.

Eligible Participants: Excluded participants include residents of the US, North Korea, and sanctioned jurisdictions.


The xRaise smart contract wallet is founded on a sustainable business and revenue model, with tokenomics crafted to provide enduring incentives for community-driven growth and development. To delve deeper into our tokenomics and utilities, you can find more information here.

Journey ahead

Here’s the roadmap detailing our post-TGE plans:

  • Launch xRaise Web App
  • Introduce xRaise Plug-in SDK for Unity Engine
  • Launch Admin Page for Sessions
  • Implement xRaise Wallet EIP4337 and Multi-Chain Support
  • Bridge to Layer 1 (L1)
  • Bridge Integration via Layer Zero
  • Incorporate Enhanced Third-Party Protocols/Features
  • Strengthen Security Measures

We’re thrilled about these upcoming developments and eagerly anticipate sharing our progress with you.


Notably, the xRaise team achieved victory in two ETH hackathons in 2023 and one during EthLondon in 2024. You can check out our winning entries here:

  1. ETH Hackathon 2023 Victory
  2. Second ETH Hackathon 2023 Victory
  3. EthLondon 2024 Victory

Early contributors

Early contributors will be able to claim their $RAISE tokens on the official website, in accordance with their vesting schedule. The necessary links for claiming will be provided prior to the TGE.

For transparency, the seed price is $0.0045 per $RAISE, and the private sale price is $0.0055 per $RAISE, with both subject to vesting. We’re grateful to our early contributors for their patience over the past 1–2 years

Learn More About xRaise on:



Medium, X(formerly Twitter), Discord


WE DO NOT guarantee any profits or rewards, and any involvement in this project is entirely at the participant’s own risk. Participation in this project is done solely at the discretion of the individual, and any potential risks should be thoroughly evaluated prior to involvement.

Please note that owning and investing in RAISE (RFI and or network token) token does not guarantee rewards, profits, ownership of company shares, or similar benefits. The value of token can be volatile and is subject to market fluctuations, which may lead to partial or total investment losses. We do not guarantee the future value of our token, nor do we provide investment advice or recommendations. Consequently, we strongly recommend conducting your research and assessing your personal risk tolerance before making any investment decisions. All investments inherently involve risk, and individual investments do not ensure actual results or returns. Investors bear sole responsibility for any investment decisions they make.




A smart contract wallet & SDK platform for blockchain gaming.